United States

Ride a Bobsled

To ride a bobsled at the 2002 Olympic Course in Park City all you need is the ability to sit.

Canoe the Boundary Waters

Practice that fancy new J-stroke in Minnesota’s 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters National Park.

Bike a 24-hour Race

Except for the few whackos who enter 24-hour races solo, the events are fraught with camaraderie.

The Manayunk Wall

A 17 percent grade, thousands of spectators, and one of the best pro fields on U.S. shores. No wonder the Wall makes Philly police nervous.


CrossVegas, which takes place each September at the cycling trade show known as InterBike, is one of the season’s first major ‘cross races.

The Red Hook Crit

The Red Hook Crit has lost some of its under-the-radar appeal, but it's still held at night in Brooklyn, and three-time winner Dan Chabanov is a former bike messenger.

The Downieville Classic

The Downieville Classic, a five-day celebration of mountain biking, closes with a river jump and live music

8) Sun Valley’s Coyote Yurt

Sun Valley’s Coyote Yurt provides the best hut-to-hut mountain biking trip for the high-end, hard-core set.