North & Central America

Chainsaw Massacre

Accused tree-killer Grant Hadwin may still be armed and dangerous

An Untimely End

A photographer turned up dead in placid Isabella Lake, and there's no explanation

End Run

Amy Bechtel was there, and then she simply wasn't

Forever Wild

We don't know where Edward Abbey is buried. Maybe it's better that way.


Roanoke Colony vanishes forever

Case Closed?

After years of investigation, these fatal mysteries—from a trailside murder to the fate of a missing snowboarder—are now filed under "solved"

No One Knows

Was 20-year-old Everett Ruess a suicide, murder victim, or something else?

Eric Rudolph Slept Here

The most wanted man in America survived five years in the North Carolina woods, eating salamanders, sleeping on the cold ground, and stalking deer. Or so he says. Spend a night in his secret mountain...

Spin City

A rude guide to Manhattan's new island-lapping bike loop

Outside University: The Top 40

Today's topic: We rank the Top 40 schools where you can hit the books AND the backcountry. Your assignment: Rappel off that ivory tower and take our cram course on America's most adrenaline-friendly...