North & Central America

Where the Wild Things Go

Hike: "THE SWIFTEST TRAVELER IS HE THAT GOES AFOOT," wrote wayfaring exemplar Henry David Thoreau. These treks put the pleasure back into going pedestrian.

Where the Wild Things Go

Horsepack: HOW TO VISIT THE BACK FORTY WITHOUT ABUSING YOURSELF? BY HORSE, OF COURSE. Three equine outings that serve up the best of the American outback.

Where the Wild Things Go

Canoe: In lake-and-river country, FLATWATER NIRVANA IS ONLY A PORTAGE (OR TWO) AWAY. Dip a paddle in these waters, all sure to please the adventuring open-boater.

Where the Wild Things Go

Bike: Europe's not the only place for bike camping. Gear up for open spaces, vintage vistas, and BIKE MECHANICS WHO JUST MIGHT CROSS THE LANGUAGE BARRIER. Dude!

Neptune Calling

When the sea summons you, answer! Fourteen idyllic beach escapes, from Cape Cod to Sanibel.

Room & Board

There's nothing like surf school to put parents in their place. At the end of the day, just like your eight-year-old, you may feel as mighty as Laird Hamilton—or like you've survived the spin...

Star Power

Let the pros be your guides

Far Out

Get lost in the back of beyond