North & Central America

Tacoma, WA

THE REVIVAL: Except for a brief heyday in the 1880s, when the Northern Pacific Railroad was completed and "the City of Destiny" became its western terminus, this

Ithaca, NY

THE REVIVAL: It's not too hard to shine when you boast more than a little Ivy League intellect, but even this progressive, two-college town at the foot of upstate New York's

Louisville, KY

THE REVIVAL: Louisville, a hub for higher education, horse culture, and bourbon distillation since the 19th century, never quite hit bottom. But this independent-minded, even...

Eureka, CA

THE REVIVAL: Four hours north of San...

Crested Butte, CO

THE REVIVAL: Crested Butte made its name as a coal town in the 1880s, then relaunched 80 years later as a ski bum's nirvana. But thanks to inconsistent snowfall and a remote,...

Columbia, MO

THE REVIVAL: Before the University of Missouri was established, in 1839, Columbia in the rolling foothills of the

The Rest of the Best

OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI (POP. 14,100)In Oxford, bookish is beautiful. Despite Mississippi's ranking last in high school graduation and among the highest in poverty, the town...

The World's Toughest Bike Race Is Not in France

High Noon is when a proper western should start, but we're still waiting for Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong, and George W. Bush. The 2007 Great Divide Race kicks off in 18 minutes here on June 15...

Deluxe Mountain Biking

Freeriding Vancouver's North Shore? That's so 2002. This year it's all about the singletrack, and the best way to pay homage is by signing on to Sacred Rides' new 11-day epic from Calgary to...