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What Should I Do If I'm Too Sick to Fly?

Getting sick presents air travelers with a quandary: fly with a potentially contagious illness, or pay rebooking fees that can cost up to $200 plus the difference in airfare. What's the best course of action?

Fat Biking on Knik Glacier

During the summer, chunks of Knik Glacier in southern Alaska calve into the lake below. In the winter, the icebergs freeze into the water's surface, creating smooth passage between the towers of ice.

Patagonia: The Wild Place at the End of the World

The southernmost region of South America is huge in every way: Patagonia is twice the size of California and home to some of the biggest landscapes and adventures on the planet

The Best American Winter Road Trips

On the spectrometer of thrills, winter driving lies somewhere between utilitarian necessity and white-knuckle extreme sport. But now that holiday lights are twinkling from the East Coast to L.A.,...

Glade Skiing in the Pacific Northwest

It was the final day of a week spent shooting throughout the Pacific Northwest. We didn't have a skier lined up to shoot at Mt. Baker until the last minute when Zack Giffin agreed to show us around.

Indian Creek in a Different Light

Photographer Ben Moon takes us on his journey to the desert to climb some splitters in Indian Creek, using the all-new Lytro ILLUM camera—designed to capture fuller, deeper, and more stunning images...

Seeing India Just Got Easier. Go Visit!

Until this week, acquiring a visa for India was as frenetic as walking around the streets of Delhi or Mumbai. Anyone wishing to explore the inimitable country had to navigate a lengthy, bureaucratic...

Hydrospeeding on the Aletsch Glacier

There are two major dangers when sliding head first through glacial runoff. But despite the risks, the sport of hydrospeeding has emerged as a glacial summertime hobby.