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Super SUP Havens

Stand-up paddling isn't just for oceans anymore. Or Hawaii, Florida, and California, for that matter. In June, Idaho's Payette River Games awarded the largest cash purse on record for SUP racing. Inland SUPing has arrived. Here's where to go for upcoming races—all year long.

Africa's Best Jungle Lodge

For fans of extra-large primates, there's arguably no more coveted experience than viewing a mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. If you fall into this camp, consider a bucket-list trek to...

Photo of the Day: A Biking Seattle Cowboy

In search of an eye-catching shot for the Red Bell Illume photo contest, local Seattle rider Steven Bafus and I set out for this massive cowboy hat in Oxbow Park just south of the city. We showed...

Photo of the Day: Surf Scout

My friend Crystal and I were cruising around, shooting lifestyle photos on the North Shore of Oahu. We asked Bailey what he was up to and he was like, "pau hana brah, going to check surf."

The Untold Story of the Spaces Between Borders

Ordinary places become extraordinary in no man’s land. Such in-between places remind us how dependent we are on borders—that our sense of order and certainty draws deeply from the knowledge that we...

The Gold Standard in Leadville

The Leadville Race Series is right around the corner, and if you've scored one of the two suites at the Governor's Mansion, consider yourselves lucky. The historic building on Eighth Street is not...

Eight Pieces of Essential Road Trip Wisdom

A good road trip involves a certain amount of improvisation. But the best ones require the right strategy and a few essentials. These eight pieces of advice will start you on the right path.

Stop Shooting! Photos Kill Rhinos

Seeing a rhino in the wild is one of Africa’s quintessential safari experiences, and it's only natural to try to preserve that experience in a photo.

You Can Take Stunning Travel Photography

I love exploring the world, but feel like the photos I bring back don't do justice to what I see. Which workshops will help me take my art the extra mile?

Photo of the Day: An Australian Escape

We set up camp about four hours west of Sydney, eager to escape the chaos of Australia's biggest city. My intention was to shoot the sunrise the next morning at a nearby cliff face, but I grabbed...

The Lakeside Lodge of Your Dreams

With its pine- and cedar-lined shores, rocky islands, and clean blue water, Burntside is the prototypical northwoods lake. And this 101-year-old outfit on the lake's south shore is the prototypical...