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R.I.P. SkyMall—We Will Miss You

The classic inflight catalog that sold everything from life-sized gorillas to stationary bike-desks has filed for bankruptcy. Here, we mourn.

America’s Nordic Skiing Meccas

Nordic skiing began about 8,000 years ago in Scandinavia but it’s taken until now for the sport to start really catching on in the U.S.

What Plans Are Savvy Travelers Making Right Now?

With summer wilderness permits becoming available and airlines running sales, the heart of winter is the ideal time for travelers to plan ahead for warmer months. The deals and deadlines you should be taking seriously right now? Just this way…

Ski Touring Alaska's Ruth Gorge

Our 10-day expedition through the Ruth Gorge in Alaska's Denali National Park was plagued by poor snow conditions.

Your Frequent Flier Miles Are Worthless (Sort Of)

Frequent-flier programs used to be simple: if you flew a lot, you earned a lot of miles. Not anymore. Following Southwest’s lead, two of the country’s largest carriers, Delta and United, recently...

Love to Fat Bike? This Is Where to Ride.

A few years ago, almost nobody had heard of fat biking. Nowadays, it’s one of the fastest growing winter sports in the U.S. To accommodate, more bike clubs and land managers are grooming snowy trails...

Adrenaline-Charged Winter Destinations

If lingering holiday malaise and winter's cold, short days are knocking you off your game, look no further. One of these trips is sure to recharge you.