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The Gateway to Yosemite

Tenaya Lodge offers family-friendly fun and easy access to California's most famous park.

Don't Let Your Air Travel Ruin the Air

If we're actually concerned about climate change and our contribution to it, should we really be flying all over the world to visit places for fun?

Photo of the Day: Flying Tandem in the Himalayas

My friend, Babu, showed up in a rugged Nepali 4x4 off-road style vehicle. I knew we were going off the beaten path to get to his place about an hour and a half north of Pokhara, Nepal, but I had no...

A Miserable, Beautiful Siberian Adventure

Da, Da, there it is,” Andrey says with a smile as he idles the outboard engine. He puffs a cigarette and points at a bulge on the horizon. “Amerika Khaya—America Mountain.”

A Bird Box for Humans

Noted for its craggy seaside cliffs, verdant pastures, and temperate climate, the Cornwall region of southwest England is a favorite of divers, hikers, surfers, and drinkers. Soon it could also be...

Another National Moument. So What—and Why Visit?

I've read about the country's newest national monument, the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in New Mexico. What should I bring when I go there: my mountain bike, hiking boots, or climbing shoes?

10 Roads Every American Must Drive

Long stretches of open road through some of the most beautiful areas of the country, peppered with wildlife sightings, adventurous detours, and good brews—it's so much more than getting from Point A...

The Last Dark Refuges in the U.S.

Just like clean air and water, dark night skies are a diminishing resource. The culprits: unshielded, excessive, or poorly aimed outdoor artificial lights.

Photo of the Day: Night Falls on Crater Lake

I put so much effort into carrying all my camera and camping gear up the steep rim of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. But seeing this image in the back of the camera hours later, once the skies...

The Rise of Geocache Travel

July 12 marks the annual National Trails geocache release, during which new coins are released onto the country’s 15 national trails and followed throughout the summer.

Photo of the Day: Reindeer Games

This road to the North Cape of Europe was not far from the home of my interim Sami family on the Norwegian island of Magerøya in Finnmark.