The Fine Colombian

Traverse the Andes.

Laguna Grande de La Sierra     Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Travel Sobek

After a 33-year hiatus, Mountain Travel Sobek returns to the Colombian Andes for a high-altitude lake-to-lake traverse. A 12-hour drive from Bogotá brings guests to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, a 1,181-square-mile national park where days are spent trekking and camping among receding glaciers and virgin alpine lakes. Highlight: On day eight, guide Sergio Echeverria leads an ice-ax-and-crampon-assisted summit push up one of three potential peaks: Pulpito del Diablo (15,748 feet), El Concavo (17,061 feet), and Toti (16,733 feet). July 20–30 and August 3–13; $5,000;

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