South America

Brazil's Other Sport

It’s a finer art than just choking a dude out. Although hailing from Japan, the Brazilian variety of jiu-jitsu has become its own technique.

Stranded in a Patagonia Party Town

The entire town was at the doma—an event similar to an American rodeo, where gauchos showcase their horsemanship and animals. I immediately gave up on my tire and went to the party. All the gauchos...

Pedal Through Argentina Wine Country

To best appreciate the fruit of the vine, you have to go to the source. And if the source happens to be the eastern foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina, all the better. This high-altitude terroir produces rich flavors, but the environs are also ripe for exploration by bike, whether pedaling down tree-lined roads or mountain paths.

Can't Beat This Office

Like so many boaters and fisherman before us, we packed our rafts full of gear and set out in search of some hungry fish. We had just launched one morning when I saw the perfect cliff. After a quick...

Kayaking Northern Patagonia

The small town of San Martin de los Andes sits on the shores of Lago Lácar in northern Patagonia. The lake stretches more than 20 miles and is a popular spot for overnight kayaking missions by local...

Is Colombian Bullfighting Doomed?

Bullfighting is Colombia’s connection to its Spanish colonial past and its rural roots. “A festival without bulls is not a festival,” a Colombian saying goes. But although cities such as Manizales...

Uruguay's Best Beaches

If you’re looking for white-knuckle South American adventure, stop reading now. Uruguay isn’t Peru or Chile, and it isn’t trying to be. But if you want to lounge on an empty beach for hours, have the...

The New Global Gold Rush

Giant mining companies are tearing up some of the wildest places on earth to feed our hunger for gold. But do we even need it?