South America

In the Shadow of Galeras

When an international team of scientists ascended the volcano's cone, she blew, killing nine. A survivor's account.

Andean Angling

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Destinations Special, Outside magazine, February 2001: Wild Caribbean | Venezuela

Hot Property

For a bargain price of $1.7 million, Doug Tompkins and his wife Kristine have sewn up a vast Patagonian wonderland. Who says cranky visionaries can't close a deal?

The Fist of God

Why are these people beating each other senseless? Travel deep out onto the Bolivian altiplano, across the line between campesino and gringo, too far past the border between celebration and...

The Ballad of Lonesome George

Damned with us and damned without us, the Galápagos continue to attract hordes of nature-loving visitors. But whether you're drawn by the majesty of Darwin's discoveries or mesmerized by the...