South America

Best Eco-Lodge

The striking new Mashpi Lodge, with windows so large you feel like you’re suspended in a cloud forest, crushes it on both fronts.

Best Beach

Located on the south side of Kauai, this two-mile stretch of coast is accessible only by a brain-rattling two-mile dirt road or a three-mile hike that passes by Hawaii’s biggest sinkhole cave—both of...

Knock Off Two Icons

Hit Machu Picchu and the Galápagos in one adventure with REI’s new multisport itinerary.

Adventure Travel

You’re into biking, kayaking and skiing. It’s time to raise your game with a life-changing adventure makeover. Check out these amazing destinations.

Lone Shooter

Ski filmmaker Nick Waggoner talks to Caty Enders about losing two friends while producing Solitaire, the story of a ski pilgrimage through South America.

Copacabana Beach

On New Year’s Eve, more than 2 million of Rio de Janeiro’s residents dress in pure white and flock to Copacabana Beach to pay homage to Yemanjá, the patron deity of fisherman and shipwreck survivors.

Walking on the Wild Side

Review of Wild Coast, John Gimlette's new book on Guiana, Suriname, and French Guyana.

Meet The Neighbors

What doesn't South America offer in the way of big adventure? Here are the 10 best ways to drop in on our amigos down south.

Explore the Amazon

Experience the Amazon at Ecuador's little-known Huaorani Ecolodge.

Climb Bolivia

There are reasons why mountaineers gravitate toward Bolivia.

Bonefish in Venezuela

Welcome to the best place in the world to bonefish: the flats of Los Roques, Venezuela.

Raft Epic Whitewater

Peru is ground zero for exploratory raft trips. South America's most renowned whitewater classic, though, is the Futaleufú.