Best Multisport Destination Runner-Up: Futaleufú River, Chile

Outside chooses the top vacation spots of 2013

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As if paddling Patagonia’s Class IV–V Futaleufú River wasn’t enough of a workout, the folks at Bio Bio Expeditions have padded this nine-day itinerary, based out of BBX’s luxurious riverside camp, with enough action to bring an Ironman to his knees. A typical day looks like this. 8 a.m.: yoga on the riverside deck. 9 a.m.: homemade granola, smoothies, and pancakes. 10 a.m.: a three-mile hike to check out Terminator Rapid, the longest Class V-plus rapid on the Fu. Noon: lunch. 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.: paddle Class IV–V whitewater. 4 p.m.: ride horseback or mountain-bike steep climbs in the foothills of the Andes. 6 p.m.: happy hour in the riverside hot tub. 8 p.m.: lamb stew dinner. 9:30 p.m.: salsa dancing. Midnight: crash in a tented bungalow. Morning: repeat. $3,200.

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