Best Ocean Trip: Sailing the Marshall Islands

Outside chooses the top vacation spots of 2013

Majuro, Marshall Islands.     Photo: Andre Seale/Aurora

Set 2,273 miles southwest of Honolulu—the nearest landmark—the Marshall Islands are so remote, covering only 70 square miles total, that it takes at least 10 hours to sail from one island to the next. Which is why we love them. Visit with Sausalito, California–based Ocean Voyages on the KeAma II, an 80-foot sailboat with room for six guests, equipped with sea kayaks, sailboards, and snorkeling and fishing gear. Leave the navigation to your expert captain as you snorkel among shipwrecks off Wotje Atoll, walk the deserted beaches of uninhabited Erikub Atoll, and fish for mahi-mahi off Maloelap Atoll. Dinner is fresh coconut water and grilled yellowfin tuna. From $5,950 per person.

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