Aaron Gulley

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Aaron Gulley is a Nigerian-born travel and adventure writer. He has covered the world from Bali to Namibia for Outside and writes a regular column for the magazine about cycling and bike culture.

First Look: Jones Plus Mountain Bike

In the scrum of 30-some test mountain bikes we tried this season, the Jones Plus stood out like a zombie at the high school prom.

The New Brain Injury Test for Cyclists

If you want a snapshot of the way head injuries were treated in professional cycling until very recently, start with the viral images of Chris Horner at the 2011 Tour de France.

Why Chris Froome Supports 24-Hour Testing

On the list of new anti-doping measures announced by the UCI, nighttime testing and renewed oversight of drug exemptions are stirring some controversy.

First Look: BMC Speedfox SF01 29 XX1

Like many European brands, BMC was late to the 29er table. Once they threw the weight of their fastidious engineering department behind the wheel size, however, they nailed it.

First Look: Marin Fairfax SC6 DLX

With a constantly expanding stable of aging bikes, I’ve never completely taken seriously the idea of a dedicated city bike.

First Look: Specialized S-Works Epic 29er

No other full suspension bike has that sort of space, and the fact that the company even packed their SWAT box storage solution into the frame kind of seems like they were thumbing their noses a bit...

First Look: Spot Cream SS

The fact is, single-speeding is hard, it takes a toll on the body, and unless you are fit for it, you’re likely to get injured. Then at the bike test, the Spot Cream SS showed up, and I fell right...

The $17,500 Steel Bike

The most winning cyclist in history is returning to his racing roots with a line of steel bikes, starting with the small-batch, boutique Eddy70 to commemorate his 70th birthday.

First Look: Boo RS-M

One of the most interesting bikes we tested this year was Boo’s hard tail RS-M 29er, which mates bamboo tubing to carbon wrap lugs.

First Look: Pivot Mach 4c

The Mach 4 Carbon was perhaps our most anticipated bicycle of the year as it was the only bike we received with the new Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain.

First Look: Giant Defy Advanced SL 0

Though many road riders are still resistant to disc brakes, judging by the crop of 2015 road bikes in this year’s test, this technology is here to stay.