Aaron Gulley

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Aaron Gulley is a Nigerian-born travel and adventure writer. He has covered the world from Bali to Namibia for Outside and writes a regular column for the magazine about cycling and bike culture.

First Look: Yeti SB75

Yeti is releasing two 27.5ers this season—the enduro-oriented 575 and the SB75. With five inches of travel, 650B wheels, and a sturdy alloy frame, the SB75 is a trail bike through and through.

First Look: Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon

In recent years, bicycle manufacturers have sunk lots of money into the endurance road category. These are bikes that, while still fast and light, are more compliant and comfortable than the average...

The Coaching Project

When I rolled to the finish of the AZT300 last April, I told myself I’d never do it again. You always say these things after completing an endurance feat. But this time I meant it.

First Look: Colnago C-59 Disc

The Colnago C-59 Disc made waves when it launched in 2012 because it was one of the first full-fledged race bikes to take advantage of the new disc brake technology.

Fatback's Corvus Embraces Carbon

As fat bikes continue to move from niche to mainstream, a few companies, like Fatback, are pushing the boundaries of the segment with beautiful, fast, and ridiculously light carbon fatties.

First Look: Giro Terraduro

If the Pearl Izumi X-Project is the Subaru XV Crosstrek of crossover mountain bike shoes, the Giro Terraduro is one of those flashy new Landrovers.

First Look: Felt AR2

The 2014 Felt AR2 looks as sleek and aggressive as a stealth bomber. And the likeness held up after a few months of riding, with almost every tester who’s tried it impressed by this aero bike’s speed.

Shave Your Way to Better Cycling

It makes you faster. It lessens the sting of road rash. It’s a rite of passage. Compelling reasons for cyclists to shave their legs abound. Here’s the best stuff to shine them up right.

The SkiMo Alubooyah

This winter, Boo Bicycles—the Colorado-based manufacturer of bamboo bikes—unveiled a one-off fat bike customized for ski mountaineering.

First Look: Diamondback Mason FS Pro 29

This bike is an excellent rock-crawler that skitters through tough trail like a mountain goat and hands out confidence like lottery winnings.

First Look: Pearl Izumi X-Project

The Pearl Izumi X-Project bridges the gap between soft hikers and stiff race models with their rigid carbon midsoles.

First Look: Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod 2

Peter Sagan will race this radical, genre-bending frame design in his 2014 Belgian classics campaign. And if it’s good enough for Sagan…