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Adam Roy is associate online editor at Outside. 

Master It: Become a Rock Climber at Any Age

Lee Sheftel's climbing career began in 1980 during a hike up one of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. That's when he decided to scramble up some rocks on the side of the trail and found himself in...

'Slug Glue' Could Replace Stitches

Athletes of the future may have their gashes closed up with a slug-based adhesive rather than stitches, a New York biologist says. Andrew Smith, a professor from New York's Ithaca College, worked... Read More

Oldest Rock Art in North America Found

A group of petroglyphs discovered at Nevada's dried-up Winnemucca Lake is the oldest known rock art in North America, according to new research. A team including researchers from the University of... Read More

Study: Bike Lanes Don't Hurt Business

Far from driving off customers, bike lanes could boost businesses' sales, according to a study by a student at the University of Washington. Kyle Rowe, a student in the Community, Environment, and... Read More

Eaton and Eaton Medal at IAAF Worlds

There was no Caribbean honeymoon in the cards for Olympic champion decathlete Ashton Eaton and his new bride, Canadian track athlete Brianne Theisen Eaton. Instead, the newly-married couple headed... Read More

Glowing Rabbits Born in Turkey

We already had glowing dogs, pigs, mice, and cats. Now, genetic engineering's latest coup is a litter of glowing bunnies. The rabbits, which were born in Turkey through a collaboration between... Read More

Costa Rica to Close All Zoos

The Costa Rican government is planning to close two of the country's oldest zoos in what it says is the first step to moving all captive animals to sanctuaries or back into the wild. The... Read More

Testicle-Biting Fish Found in Sweden

A testicle-biting fish native to the Amazon is causing concern among swimmers in Scandanavia after an 8-inch specimen was caught in a strait between southern Sweden and the Danish island of... Read More

'Jungle Men' found in Vietnam

Two Vietnamese men who fled civilization to live in the wilderness more than 40 years ago are being reintigrated into society after villagers searching for firewood found them deep in the forests... Read More

Rare Sprite Lightning Caught on Film

A photographer in Colorado has captured rare images of sprite lightning, hard-to-observe electrical bursts that occur high in the atmosphere, on a flight above Boulder. Jason Ahrns was flying on a... Read More

Contour Mysteriously Closes Shop

Contour, the point-of-view camera maker that has been one of GoPro's main competitors, has reportedly closed up shop. In a Facebook post, Jacob Hase, the company's former social media manager, said... Read More