Adam Skolnick

The Jesus-Kissed, War-Fringed, Love-Swirled Rangers

The leader of the Free Burma Rangers keeps his identity secret. But he’s real, and he’s definitely hardcore. A former U.S. Special Forces operative—and an ordained minister, climber, and...

Body Storm

Kona, Hawaii; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Montezuma, Costa Rica

Fit Stops

Turn your vacation into a full-body recalibration with these performance-enhancing getaways

Tame Your Worry & Bring Sex Back

Many of us have forgotten a paramount law of human behavior: Stress makes us great. By pushing ourselves to the brink of a freakout, then retreating to a calming activity, we can induce a...

Cheat on Your Yoga Teacher

Treating yoga like just another fitness class—90 minutes, three times a week—means we're losing out on the stress-reduction benefits that drew us to the mat in the first place.

Star Power

Will you look ridiculous trying a Hollywood workout? Quite possibly. But you'll also tap into America's greatest training resource.

Star Power

Yoga and Spinning (YAS)