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Amanda MacMillan is a Brooklyn, New York–based freelance writer, triathlete, and health blogger for

What Science Really Says About Sleep

Even if you’re in bed for eight hours, waking up every two or three hours and sleeping through the night are two very different things, says a new study from Tel Aviv University.

Athletic Parents Are a Godsend

Sibling rivalry is a fierce thing, but it seems like more often than not, athletic talent isn’t limited to just one prodigal son (or daughter).

Your Body on the Blood Drive

My office is holding a blood drive, but I'm concerned that taking part may compromise my scheduled workouts. Should I schedule giving blood around my training schedule, or vice versa?

Make the Heat Your Training Partner

If you never have to worry about actually performing at the top of your game in the heat, then by all means head inside to the treadmill.

You're a Wimp and It's Making You Slow

I know I should get 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on most days, but how do I know for sure if all of my workouts count for that?

Pass the Breadbasket

We know— it’s hard to pass up the breadbasket, especially if you know you're going to burn off all those "empty calories" on your next run/hike/bike/swim/you get the idea. But it's smart not to make white bread a regular staple in your diet.

When to Show Your Feet Some Love

I've noticed that I get calluses on my feet more frequently than my non-runner friends. Should I have them removed, or do they serve a purpose?

Your Speed Laces Are Slowing You Down

The popular bungee cords allow shoes to slip on and off with ease, but could they be sacrificing foot health and safety for convenience and a quick change?

Do Early Birds Get the Fitness Worm?

I'm pretty much the opposite of an "early to bed, early to rise" kinda guy—which makes working out in the morning really miserable. Is there anything wrong with sleeping in and exercising late in the day?

Your Workout Is a One-Hit Wonder

I used to be in great shape, but I've put on a few pounds. I hit the gym regularly, but the scale won't budge. What's the best exercise routine I can do to get my old body back?

The Misleading Miracle Cure

I've seen these shots advertised as a treatment for weight gain and fatigue. But is it legit, and does it work?