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Amanda MacMillan is a Brooklyn, New York–based freelance writer, triathlete, and health blogger for

How Quickly Can I Get Back into Race Shape?

I signed up for a half marathon—but, oops, it's in three weeks and I haven't run in months. At this point, should I attempt any actual training, or consider it a lost cause?

How Bad for You Is Insomnia, Really?

I have trouble falling asleep often, and probably don't get nearly as much shut-eye as I should. But I feel fine, most of the time. So is it really hurting my health?

Is Marathon Training Dangerous?

I want to train for a marathon, by my wife is worried it might literally kill me. Is it really safe for an Average Joe like me?

Should I Lift or Run First?

I can't squeeze in a workout every day, so can I combine both into one session? And which should I do first?

Does Shivering Count As Exercise?

The past few months have been freezing! All I want to do is eat comfort food and hide under the covers. Is there any upside, health-wise, to this Polar Vortex?

Is It Bad to Hold In Gas?

The Emperor Claudius believed that suppressing farts was dangerous. Was he right?

The 10 Worst Foods (And Drinks) For Athletes

Protein powders, fortified beverages, and wholesome-sounding snacks may seem like the best way to fuel your body, but the sports nutrition business also has a not-so-healthy side.

Best Foods for Athletes: Salmon

Sure, carbo-loading's important—but for top-notch performance, it's just part of the story. Supplement your training with these healthy eats that will help you build strength, sustain energy, and...