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Amanda MacMillan is a Brooklyn, New York–based freelance writer, triathlete, and health blogger for

Do Massages Help with Recovery?

Whenever there's a free massage tent after races, I always like to get a quick rub down. It feels great, but is there any real benefit in terms of muscle soreness?

How Quickly Can I Get Back into Race Shape?

I signed up for a half marathon—but, oops, it's in three weeks and I haven't run in months. At this point, should I attempt any actual training, or consider it a lost cause?

How Bad for You Is Insomnia, Really?

I have trouble falling asleep often, and probably don't get nearly as much shut-eye as I should. But I feel fine, most of the time. So is it really hurting my health?

Is Marathon Training Dangerous?

I want to train for a marathon, by my wife is worried it might literally kill me. Is it really safe for an Average Joe like me?