Andrew Tilin

Bikes vs. Cars: The Deadly War Nobody's Winning

Liability lawyer and former professional bike racer Megan Hottman spends her working hours representing cyclists who've been injured by reckless drivers. She spends her leisure time riding and...

The Training Tool of the Future

You don’t have to be a professional skydiver to envision—and utilize—futuristic training technology. Though in the not too distant future, you might credit Jeb Corliss for upping your game.

Riding Away from a Broken Marriage

After 18 years, Andrew Tilin’s marriage ended with a crash, leaving him in a crippling state of sorrow, anger, and loneliness. He decided to get serious about riding again, hoping that the pain and...

Running Gear to Get You in Shape for Spring

From a treadmill that forces users into a classic mid-foot stride to a device that tells you when to ditch your shoes, this is the gear you need to prepare for next season.

You Don't Know How to Run

Christopher McDougall started it, throwing a brick at long-held theories about striding styles and shoe designs in Born to Run—and inspiring believers to wear minimalist shoes or no shoes at all....

I Couldn't Be More Positive

Instead of profiling an ordinary weekend athlete who cheats by taking performance-enhancing drugs, Andrew Tilin, an amateur bike racer, served as his own lab rat and spent a year taking supplemental...

Vanishing Point

How badly do professional cyclists want to compete in the fast and fabled pelotons of Europe? So badly that even riders without a prayer of winning big still roll with drugs, lies, and mortal danger....

Built to Lust

Boutique bike manufacturer Seven Cycles can build you a custom-fit, precision-crafted, $9,500 machine that looks like a MoMA sculpture and rides like a Maserati. Are you worthy?

And Nau for Something Completely Different

A new apparel maker opening for business in January is chasing a revolutionary concept: that customers actually give a damn about sustainable products. Will anyone buy their good intentions?

Excuse My Thrust

The land-speed record for motorcycles has stood untouched for 16 years, at 322 miles per hour. But last summer, California velocity freak Mike "Ack Attack" Akatiff surveyed the competition,...

Run For It

It sounds too good to be true: a star miler turned criminal goes to prison, links up with a legendary track coach, trains behind bars until his feet bleed, and earns a spot on the U.S. Olympic team....

This is Your Life

The Fountain of Youth is a myth. But take heart: Intelligent training and an adventurous spirit will keep you running, kicking, screaming at the peak of your potential for years to come. A...

The New Wool Order

Long overshadowed by poly-based pile, a more athlete-friendly, itch-free wool is back-and everywhere