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Ashley M. Biggers (@ambiggers) has been a professional travel writer for five years. She earned her master's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Super SUP Havens

Stand-up paddling isn't just for oceans anymore. Or Hawaii, Florida, and California, for that matter. In June, Idaho's Payette River Games awarded the largest cash purse on record for SUP racing. Inland SUPing has arrived. Here's where to go for upcoming races—all year long.

You Can Take Stunning Travel Photography

I love exploring the world, but feel like the photos I bring back don't do justice to what I see. Which workshops will help me take my art the extra mile?

The Rise of Geocache Travel

July 12 marks the annual National Trails geocache release, during which new coins are released onto the country’s 15 national trails and followed throughout the summer.

Trail Running Has a New Mecca

Traveling light and fast up and down mountains—that's the concept behind skyrunning, a sport that now boasts 200 races and 30,000 participants annually.

Brazil's Other Sport

It’s a finer art than just choking a dude out. Although hailing from Japan, the Brazilian variety of jiu-jitsu has become its own technique.

How to Travel (Legally) to Cuba

Cuba was long off limits to U.S. citizens due to a Bay of Pigs–era trade embargo, but since 2011, America's made it possible for its citizens to make the trip—if they jump through a few hoops.

The Best Booze-Infused Ice Cream in America

What’s better than ice cream? It’s not a purely rhetorical question. The answer? Grown-up ice cream, spiked with wine, beer, and spirits. As the summer heat cranks to high, head to one of these regional ice cream spots for a shot of cool, creamy delight.

Pedal Through Argentina Wine Country

To best appreciate the fruit of the vine, you have to go to the source. And if the source happens to be the eastern foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina, all the better. This high-altitude terroir produces rich flavors, but the environs are also ripe for exploration by bike, whether pedaling down tree-lined roads or mountain paths.

10 Ultimate Urban Runs

Pounding out miles on stoplight-strewn streets and past convenience stores quickly loses its luster. Whether you’re commuting or training, here are ten urban trails in the U.S. that offer scenic views and traffic-free paths to keep your run enjoyable.

These Towns Have Spirits, Yes They Do

If you’ve topped out on talking about a wine’s terroir and session ales, it’s time to tackle the next alcohol trend that’s gaining volume: craft distilling. The desire for authentic, handmade goods drove the craft beer bonanza. Now the same ethic is sparking passions for locally made spirits such as gin, whiskey, rum, and vodka.

The Most Scenic Rail Trails in the U.S.

Rail trails are the ultimate in reusing and recycling. Converted from former railroad corridors, these multi-use paths carve gentle grades through cities and the countryside, making them family-friendly routes for hiking and biking. To date, there are more than 1,800 rail trails open nationwide, covering more than 21,000 miles.

Your Rights to Digital Privacy at Border Crossings

Digital devices store every detail of our lives—from business transactions and grocery lists to messages, both sweet and unsavory, meant only for our partners. Though Americans, in all their Fourth Amendment bravado, may consider themselves immune to unreasonable search and seizure of their devices (a.k.a. their phantom limbs), they have few rights to digital privacy at border crossings.

Life on the Edge: Portaledge Camping

Like any real estate choice, camping is all about location, location, location. Camping on a portaledge—a deployable, hanging-tent system—gives rock climbers locations worth bragging about: unimpeded views, no noisy neighbors, and everything from egress to big-wall climbs.