Avital Andrews

My Perfect Adventure: Gary Erickson

The sporty Clif Bar founder may be based in Northern California, but he holds a special place in his heart for Italy and yearns to get to Tibet. He both loves and hates his iPhone. He wants to meet,...

My Perfect Adventure: Patricia Schultz

The 1,000 Places to See Before You Die author on her love for Florence, her dream of Mongolia, and whether she’s really been to all those places in her book.

My Perfect Adventure: Reed Timmer

The storm-chasing star on his yearning to get to the legendary tornadoes of Bangladesh, why Banff is the best place he’s been, and how he’d be willing give up everything to keep being an extreme...

My Perfect Adventure: Andrew McCarthy

The actor-turned-travel-writer reveals how a Vietnamese kid on a scooter turned him into a scribe; the wonders of grapefruit-seed extract; and that his perfect day would involve writing, hiking,...

My Perfect Adventure: Mireya Mayor

The Emmy-nominated nature correspondent on her wild love of Madagascar, how David Livingstone got her to Tanzania, and the college class that changed her life.

My Perfect Adventure: Lita Albuquerque

The environmental artist on how deserts have influenced and defined American art, why open spaces are crucial to her work, and the reason her fellow artists call her the Queen of the Here.

My Perfect Adventure: Seth Kugel

The New York Times’ beloved Frugal Traveler columnist on how his dream destination might be fictional, why he wouldn’t want to meet Columbus, and the interview question he hates most.

My Perfect Adventure: Erik Lindbergh

Erik Lindbergh isn’t just Charles Lindbergh's grandson. He’s also the son of one of the world’s first aquanauts. He sets his own sights beyond earth’s skies and seas, however: His mission is to make...

My Perfect Adventure: Maya Gabeira

The big-wave surfer on her weakness for sashimi, why she’d want to meet Pele, and her far-fetched dream of becoming a famous singer.

My Perfect Adventure: Tucker Perkins

The pro freeskier tells us that his dreams involve heli-skiing in Alaska, meeting Bear Grylls, and drumming alongside country-music stars. Also: Why he always wears a helmet.

My Perfect Adventure: Jimmy Chin

The famous climber-skier-photographer-filmmaker tells us that the Tetons are his idea of heaven (even though he narrowly escaped getting buried by a Class IV avalanche there), that his travel...

My Perfect Adventure: Mikaela Shiffrin

Skiing’s next huge star tells us that her perfect day would involve a nap and a Glee episode, that she’d love to meet Shawn Johnson, and that the Northern Lights are on her bucket list. Also:...

My Perfect Adventure: Philip Leakey

The entrepreneur and son of paleo-royalty tells us that he yearns for young people from around the world to realize the vast amount of opportunity that exists in Africa. Also: He’d want to see...

My Perfect Adventure: Michael Brune

One of the world’s foremost environmental activists on how the southwestern deserts changed his life, why he hopes to get to the Arctic Refuge, and why optimism is so vital to activism.

My Perfect Adventure: Matthias Giraud

The record-setting ski-BASE jumper tells us that defying death helps him appreciate life, why his perfect day would involve a lot of air time, and how excited he is to meet his firstborn