Berne Broudy

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Berne Broudy (@berneb) is a Vermont-based writer, photographer, and adventurer. She can typically be found shredding, schussing, or splashing in some remote corner of the globe while documenting it.

Buy Ski Goggles that Can't Fog

Skin up a mountain or rip through the powder, and you’re going to sweat—and your goggles are likely going to fog. That’s why Abominable Labs created the anti-fog F-Bom ski goggle.

5 Labor Day Toys for Grown-Ups

Slip 'N Slide. Four square. Twister. Sometimes it can seem like kids have all the fun. Here are five games and activities designed for adults looking to harness their inner child this summer.

A Guide to the Summer's Best Flip-Flops

It's summer's most casual shoe, but that doesn't mean you should settle for the drug-store variety. Keep your feet happy with our 11 favorite flip-flops.

Save Your Syrup for the Road

If it's good enough for pancakes, it's good enough for your next long ride. Are maple syrup shots the tastiest energy shot you'll ever take, or a sweet scam?

5 Hot-Weather Essentials for Your Dog

With July just around the corner, it’s about to get hot. Really hot. And while you might have the gear you need to perform at top speed when the heat is on, what about your pup?

The Best Women's Bikes of 2014

 The days of the dumbed-down women's rig are over. These rides will keep you wheel-to-wheel with the boys.

A Pocket-Size Survival Tool

With Gerber’s Bear Grylls Card Tool in your pocket, you never have to worry about being unprepared again.

Google Glass Could Save the Rhino

On Tuesday, the World Wildlife Fund and Google released a video demonstrating the new glassware that could be used to save rhinos in Nepal.

The Best New Heart-Rate Monitor

Most heart-rate monitors require you to wear a bulky chest strap with a sensor. But the Mio Alpha isn’t like most heart-rate monitors.