Chris Clayton

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Chris Clayton lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, daughter, and son. His writing has appeared in Men’s Health, Delta Sky magazine, Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, and other publications. His favorite outdoor escape is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where he heads annually with friends to hike, fish, sip whiskey from a Nalgene, and tell a few lies.

A Bird Box for Humans

Noted for its craggy seaside cliffs, verdant pastures, and temperate climate, the Cornwall region of southwest England is a favorite of divers, hikers, surfers, and drinkers. Soon it could also be...

Run Like Waldo

You may have found him in the pages of search books, but the Where's Waldo? fun doesn't have to end there. He lives on at Waldo-themed events around the world, including the following fun runs, bar...

Flying this Weekend? Bottoms Up at 4 Airport Bars

Unless your idea of a great pre-flight drink involves an ersatz Irish pub or a sports bar with 18 light beers on tap, then you likely agree that America’s airport bars tend to be serviceable at best. Not that there’s anything wrong with slamming a Coors before takeoff, but a decent cocktail, glass of wine, or change of scenery would be nice now and then.

Tender Mercies: How to Baby Your Butt on the Road

From long flights to backpacking treks, one of the ugly universal truths of travel is a condition known as stanky bottom. Toilet paper is no match for this. In fact, it often exacerbates the problem, causing chafing and other issues. When stanky bottom strikes—and strike it will—you’re going to need a little moisture and perhaps the added benefit of a pleasant scent, one reminiscent of a lavender-filled meadow in the south of France.

5 Hotels with High-Tech Amenities

I could care less about luggage-sorting robots or Facebook kiosks. But a high-tech bell and whistle that actually elevates my hotel stay? Yes, please.

The Best Ballparks for Adventurers

It’s a new golden era for outdoor baseball—one in which Major League ballparks go out of their way to evoke a sense of place.

Where To Drink Beer Naked

As anyone who has ever downed a High Life in the shower knows, nude drinking is an excellent way to exercise free will while toasting our birthday-suited ancestors who drank fermented stag blood by moonlight.

The Best Airports for Cyclists

It used to be, you could get tasered for riding your bike to the airport. Thankfully, the great urban two-wheel boom has seen dedicated lanes and other cycling infrastructure added to airports worldwide.

Why You Should Buy a Ski Pass Right Now

All they really have to do is jump on the not-so-secret season pass sales that have become a rite of spring for powder heads. Here are a few of the best deals—occurring right now, so hurry—to be had for the 2014–2015 season.

Get High at These 5 Kitesurfing Locales

Imagine surfing on a wakeboard while a big-ass kite pulls you across the water (and occasionally out of it). This is kiteboarding in horribly reductive terms, but you knew that already and would prefer we get to the part where pro kitesurfer Damien LeRoy answers the question in question.