Daniel D. Snyder

STUDY: Protein Is Key to Avoiding Stroke

A recently concluded study has determined that protein might well be the key to drastically reducing your risk of stroke. Just 20 grams per day of chicken or fish can reduce the risk of stroke by... Read More

D.C. Proposes Tax on Gyms, Yoga Studios

A new tax proposal in Washington, D.C., has yoga instructors and gym owners sweating bullets in a bad way. The city is looking to implement a 5.75 percent sales tax on all health club services,... Read More

WWII Vets to Parachute into Normandy Again

Ninety-three-year-old Jim "Pee Wee" Martin originally parachuted into Normandy, France, 70 years ago as part of the Allied invasion of Europe. Now he's going to try it again, hopefully with less... Read More

Brewers to Release Marijuana-Infused Coffee

A coffee brewer in Washington state is planning to release a cannabis-infused cold-brew coffee beverage called Legal. The new product, a creation of Mirth Provisions, contains about 20 milligrams... Read More

Hawk Knocks Woman Out Cold in Her Driveway

The residents of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania, are keeping one eye on the skies after a local resident was knocked unconscious by an especially aggressive neighborhood hawk. Eileen Bridge was washing... Read More

Cali Pot Farms Draining Forests Dry

When California legalized growing marijuana for medical purposes and personal use, it seemed like the good times were ready to roll indefinitely. But now, dispute over the environmental impact of... Read More

Robot Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt

It's true: The machines are winning. The Raptor, a new technological creation from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), isn't as fast as another robot, Boston Dynamics'... Read More

Rap Song Fights Ebola

In the tradition of Farm Aid and We Are the World, a group of West African rappers have come together to warn people of the dangers of the deadly hemorrhagic fever known as Ebola, which has killed... Read More

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car

Google has unveiled what it hopes will one day become the standard in automotive travel: a fully autonomous self-driving car. The sleek, gray podlike car—still just a prototype—has no... Read More

Drink Diet Soda, Lose Weight?

A new study soon to be published in the June issue of Obesity claims to have definitively proven that diet beverages do in fact help people lose weight. The study, simultaneously conducted by... Read More

America Goes Wild for Brave Mama Bear

A brave mama bear took America by storm, making the rounds on the Today show and ABC, among others, after video emerged of the bear rescuing her cub from the perils of a human highway. In the... Read More

Man Smuggles Exotic Eggs in His Pants

A Czech man has been arrested in Australia after being caught smuggling 16 exotic bird eggs inside his pants. The unnamed 39-year-old was clearing customs at the Sydney airport when he was pulled... Read More

Texas Towns Face Water Shortage

Rain has been rare in Texas for years now, but for some communities the need for water is growing urgent. Thirty-four Texas communities, mostly in the northern part of the state, currently have... Read More