Doug Schnitzspahn

Geigerrig Hydration Pack

Beat dehydration this summer with one of these great reservoirs: The Geigerrig Hydration Pack bladder, which comes standard in the brand's hiking and biking packs; the Platypus Big Zip SL, the most...

Platypus Big Zip SL

Its giant opening made it one of the easiest to clean and dry.

Hydrapak Shape-Shift

Zip it up in the middle to create a more dispersed load, or unzip it to max out the amount of water you carry.

False Sense of Security?

According to the Peltzman effect, helmets and seat belts cause people to ski, drive, and ride more recklessly, if only slightly. We don’t suggest you trash your lid, but consider these numbers.

Internal Suspension

Helmets for biking, kayaking, skiing & more. Outside looks at breakthrough helmet designs that have helped keep our brains safe inside our noggins.

Single-Impact Styrofoam

The Pro-Tec Mirage went into production in 1985 as a replacement for leather “hair net” helmets.

Safety Firsts

From lowly styrofoam to the bulletproof thermoplastics of America’s next armed conflict, the breakthrough designs that have helped keep our brains safe inside our noggins.


Unlike single-impact Styrofoam, Zorbium, a proprietary multi-impact open-cell foam, absorbs the shock and bounces back, making it perfect for sports like halfpipe skiing and skateboarding.