Eric Brown

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Eric Brown (@ericrennerbrown) is an online editorial intern at Outside. He's a senior at Northwestern University, where he studies magazine journalism and American history. Before coming to Santa Fe, Eric did time at Sierra magazine and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He's always happy to hit the trails and jams a mean rendition of the Grateful Dead's "Deal" on guitar.

Why Running Makes You Live Longer

Next time you're lacing up your shoes for a long run, consider this: Those extra miles might be for naught. New research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that...

The Blissful Matrimony of Beer and Gear

We love our outdoor gear, and we love a quality brew. So when favorite outfitters pair with beer makers, it's always a match made in heaven.

Are Helmet Laws Sexist?

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Hey, Apple, We Love You, Too

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No, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Isn't Going to Fall

Three panes of glass separate you from a 1,000-foot fall. And they start cracking, which is what happened to Willis Tower visitors Wednesday. Terrifying, yes. But dangerous? Not exactly.

Costa Rica Murder Verdict: Guilty

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16,000 Bees Removed from Manhattan Tree

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Don't Wash Your Levi Jeans

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Your Pee Isn't Sterile

Bear Grylls might want to rethink his beverage of choice. According to findings presented today at a prominent microbiology conference in Boston, the common myth that urine is sterile is flat-out... Read More