Erik Tormoen

High-Performance Pizza

Ordinarily, pizza makes us think of a half-assed meal or an indulgent snack (either, according to how much you've had to drink, or how much you'd rather it be one over the other), but what if it were...

Exercise Could Aid Concussion Recovery

Doctors have long advised patients to seek rest following a concussion. But a recent study shows that low-level aerobic exercise actually speeds recovery.

When Age Doesn't Mean Mortality

The hermit crab seems unusual in its maintenance of near-constant levels of fertility and mortality. In fact, it undermines the notion that deterioration necessarily follows age. The hydra—a... Read More

Snowy Owls Shot Down at Airport

UPDATE: Following media reports on the killing of snowy owls at JFK Airport, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has tweeted that they are working with the state Department of... Read More

Subverting Your Food Allergy

"If a person is allergic to fish, allergy testing with various types of fish can discover at least one type that the patient can eat without a problem," says allergist Sami Bahna.

Orchid Mantis Lures Prey with Beauty

With petal-like legs and attractive coloring, the orchid mantis uses its flower resemblance for hunting, researchers say, confirming years of speculation. Native to the forests of Southeast Asia,... Read More

Koala Bellowing Explained

Next time you're watching Jurassic Park and a T. rex roars, remember that what you're hearing could include the call of a male koala—along with the seemingly more appropriate sounds of tigers... Read More

Comet ISON, We Almost Knew Thee

NASA released a statement saying it will continue to investigate the fate of Comet ISON after the comet's intimate encounter with the sun last Thursday appeared to result in distintegration. NASA... Read More

Goats Scale Dam, World Demands to Know Why

Italian park officials have speculated that these Alpine ibex make precarious ascents up the dam to lick the salt off the stones—but, as with any instance of animal behavior, to call this their...

Self-Sustaining Space Suit in Works

Researchers say a next-generation space suit could monitor astronauts' health and use their body heat to power electronics. Developed at Kansas State University, the space suit would incorporate... Read More

Watch: Rare Natural Ice Sculpture

While hunting in North Dakota, retired engineer George Loegering came upon a circle of ice over 50 feet in diameter gently revolving on the surface of the Sheyenne River. Leogering took photos... Read More

Comet ISON Nears Sun

By now, Comet ISON has traveled more than 100,000 astronomical units—about 2,500 times the distance between the sun and Pluto—and on Thursday, it is projected to miss the sun by just... Read More