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Erin Beresini (@eberesini) is Outside's Fit List columnist, and author of new book Off Course: Inside the Mad, Muddy World of Obstacle Course Racing. She lives in Los Angeles with 10 bikes and a dresser full of spandex. (Website:

How the New York Times Got Fitness Wrong

New York Times Magazine contributor Heather Havrilesky attempts to paint the CrossFit-fueled turn toward functional fitness as the latest fitness fad—a troubling turn toward the extreme that is no...

How to Grow a Super-Athlete

As a species, we're living longer and having fewer children. And that's a fantastic development for amateur athletes—and society as a whole.

The New Injury-Proofing Rules for Runners

Renown physical therapist Kelly Starrett lays out movement standards for runners. Meet them, and you'll stay out of his office. Don't meet them, and you shouldn't be running.

To Get Fit, You Need to Get Strong

Mark Rippetoe believes the $27 billion fitness industry is confusing you. Worst of all, they're doing it on purpose to nab your cash.

Stop Falling for Fake Fitness Click Bait!

Every once in a while, a story appears that makes scientists cringe: the Single Study Syndrome story. Relying on a lone study without adding context is not only misleading, but often useless.

You've Been Recovering All Wrong

Forget RICE. Suppressing the body’s inflammatory response to exercise may actually delay healing. To recover right you need to move, eat, and move some more.

It's True: Politicians Hate Athletes

While city politicians are gung-ho about joining the fight, they’ve recently found themselves in a strange state of hypocrisy thanks to a growing fitness culture that’s taking over our public spaces.

The 3-Foot Law Isn't Enough

California’s rule requiring cars to give cyclists a three-foot berth went into effect last week. Too bad what we really need to keep riders safe on the road are more bike lanes.

Why American Endurance Athletes Have No Fun

ÖTILLÖ is an ultra event run annually in the Swedish archipelago. I wrote about it for Outside—about how crazy, drunk Swedes thought this thing up, in which teams of two swim between and run over 26...

Stop Exercising and Start Training

If you're having difficulty sticking with an exercise regimen, change your mind to change your results. Make movement your lifestyle—and train, don’t exercise.

The Minimum Amount of Exercise You Need

A new fitness law, the "five-minute rule," preaches that running just five minutes a day will reduce your risk of croaking from all causes, including cardiovascular disease. But you, Outside readers,...

How to Crush American Ninja Warrior

Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman to dominate American Ninja Warrior’s Dallas course and score a spot in the show’s final round, managed a feat most men never accomplish. The 24-year old gymnast shares...