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Erin Beresini (@eberesini) is Outside's Fitness Coach columnist, and author of a book on the obstacle racing phenomenon, due out in 2014. She lives in Los Angeles with 10 bikes and a dresser full of spandex. (Website:

Only Fitness Fools Cut Carbs

Before Dr. Robert Atkins launched his low-carb diet in 1972, there was Banting, the fat British man who needed to slim down, so his doc put him on a high fat-low carb (HFLC) diet. Presto change-o, he...

7 Essential Hydration Tools

Keeping hydrated, especially during short bouts of exercise, is just as important as replenishing energy with gels or bars. Here are the best bladders, bottles, and backpacks for every...

Sunscreen Won't Save You

No, don't stop using it. But add some more types of protection to your arsenal. After all, it's just not worth risking skin cancer, right?

You Can't Get Too Much Sleep

Seven is the new eight. That’s what the headlines have been saying recently, in the wake of the Wall Street Journal’s report that the Centers for Disease Control is rethinking how much sleep we truly...

CrossFit, Your Insecurity Is Showing

You do not cross CrossFit. I knew because I'd read about it. And had seen their work on Outside's Facebook wall. But it wasn't real to me. It is now.

The Six-Pack Abs Sham

For years, we’ve been discussing the media’s role in distorting female body image. Dozens of studies and campaigns have fingered Photoshopped images in women’s emotional, mental, and physical health...

What if Sitting Doesn't Kill?

Think you’re “resting” at your desk job? A new study says that every hour you sit, you lose eight percent of your fitness gains from each hour you worked out that day. Sound really depressing? We...

Our Latest Fitness Obsessions

With that in mind, we combed through the most influential sports science journals to find their top-cited articles over the past five years. Here's what all that research has to say about our health.

What Really Makes Great Athletes Great

While genetic testing has much promise in maximizing an individual’s athletic talent, it still has a long way to go before it’s truly helpful.

Why We're Obsessed with the 10,000-Hour Rule

Americans are in love with the 10,000-hour rule. First proposed in 1993 by Florida State University psychology professor, Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, the rule held that it takes 10,000 hours of...

Your Favorite Stimulant Has a Dark Side

Caffeine powder is your favorite stimulant in its purest form. It’s easy to buy on the Internet; it’s completely legal; and there’s no age restriction. But the powder holds a hidden danger: its...

Cycling's Most Emasculating Tradition

You’ll never see Peyton Manning triumphantly holding up a Mickey Mouse doll after winning the Super Bowl. So what’s the deal with giving cutesy stuffed lions to Tour de France stage winners?