Erin Berger

SeaWorld Drops OSHA Appeal

Following a week of financial bad news and announced plans to improve its orca habitats, SeaWorld has also revealed that it plans to drop its appeal of the Occupational Safety and Health... Read More

Meet the World's First Hitchhiking Robot

If you happened to be driving between Nova Scotia and British Columbia in the past three weeks, you might have seen an unusual hitchhiker thumbing it on the side of the road. That would be... Read More

An Unbelievable Survival Story

A group of foreign tourists traveling between two Indonesian islands had to think way outside the safety pamphlet after their boat sank in rough seas. They survived for two days before getting... Read More

Toddler Has Better Survival Skills Than You

Karina Chikitova's puppy has been getting lots of attention since it led rescuers to the woods where she was lost. But the real hero here is Karina herself, who is three years old and survived for... Read More

SeaWorld Earnings Flop

This is a first for SeaWorld: When releasing its second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday, the company acknowledged that the growing controversy surrounding its treatment of animals could... Read More

Mont Blanc Massif Claims 6 More Lives

Bad weather and avalanches continue to take a devastating toll on the climbing world this year. Officials have announced that they found the bodies of six French climbers who died Tuesday in the... Read More

Death at the Alaska Wilderness Classic

Rob Kehrer was only 44 years old but had already competed 10 times in what many consider the toughest wilderness challenge in the world. On Saturday, during the 2014 Alaska Mountain Wilderness... Read More

Hunter Charged with Starting Rim Fire

The 2013 Rim Fire, which burned through more than 250,000 acres near the western border of Yosemite National Park, allegedly began as a small fire that Keith Matthew Emerald started while hunting... Read More

A Real Time (Living!) Food Label

Many people take food expiration dates with a grain of salt. After all, grocery stores like to play it very safe, usually saying food should be tossed before it has actually gone bad—and... Read More

The 77-Year-Old Fitness Guru

How do you take your life back after almost completely losing any ability to move? Henry Hawk, a 77-year-old fitness instructor and “homeboy” from Arkansas, is not the prime candidate to answer this...

No, Whales Didn't Eat Whalers

When a story surfaced that a Japanese whaling crew had been attacked and eaten by a school of killer whales, leaving 16 dead, the social-media peanut gallery picked up on the "tragedy," hailing the... Read More

Not Everyone Needs 8 Hours of Sleep

There are people in the world who sleep only for three or four hours every night, even if they don't have to. Maybe they're crazy—or maybe they're genetically predisposed to sleep less. A new... Read More

Southwest Leaves the Splash Zone

If you're thinking Southwest Airlines decided to end its 25-year partnership with SeaWorld because of growing backlash against the animal-rights-offending parks, you're wrong. At least that's how... Read More