Eva Holland

The Best Volcano Hikes: Pacaya, Guatemala

Pacaya is a Central American classic. Just outside Antigua, it’s a short, steep climb, generally busy with tour groups and touts offering horse rides to the top.

The Best Volcano Hikes: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Kilauea, one of two volcanoes in the Big Island’s national park, is riddled with trails. The Crater Rim trail is a demanding 11-mile circuit of Kilauea’s open mouth, complete with steam vents, volcanic gasses, and a quirky mixture of rainforest and desert.

What Are the World's Best Volcano Hikes?

Many of the world’s volcanoes are scattered around the Ring of Fire—the coastlines and islands that border the Pacific Ocean, from southwestern South America up to northeast Asia— but you’ll find action on every continent.

What Are the Best Marathons for Travelers?

I don’t want to run just any old urban marathon: I'm looking for a destination race that will let me combine an incredible trip with my athletic endeavors. Any ideas?

Bike Touring in Europe: Spain

I want to do some serious bike touring on the continent, but without paying top Euro. What are the best bets for affordable routes?

What Do I Need to Know About Traveling in Wildfire Country?

I’m thinking about doing a road trip and some backpacking out west this summer, but I’ve heard a lot about the wildfires burning from California to Alaska. What do I need to know about traveling safely in fire country?