Frederick Reimers

Switch Craft

A portable kayak that's (finally!) both inexpensive and a cinch to put together.


Best Adventure Lodges. Amangiri, Utah

Tordrillo Lodge

Best Adventure Lodges. Tordrillo Lodge, Alaska

Tu Tu' Tun Lodge

Best Adventure Lodges. Tu Tu' Tun Lodge, Oregon

King Pacific Lodge

What makes these 10 launchpads stand out is access to terrain and peaks that no one else can reach. Home-cooked meals and five-star service don't hurt, either.

A Stroll in the Park

On patrol in rhino country with the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The Outside Guide to Adventure: Mastering the Basics

For the first installment of our four-part fundamentals series, we address the basics of adventure: everything from packing like a pro and paying bribes to pulling off your dream trip and hunting...