Frederick Reimers

Shred a Halfpipe with Style

Most participants say they learn more in a week on the hill at Windells than they can floundering in the terrain park all season.

Float the Grand Canyon in a Dory

The wooden crafts John Wesley Powell took down the Colorado River 143 ago are still the best way to run the rapids today.

Trek the Himalayas

The highest mountain range in the world? Yep, it’s on the list.

Sail the Turkish Coast on a Gulet

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is littered with archeological sites, many of which are accessible only by coastal trails.

Heli-ski Valdez

With former US Ski Team member Dean Cummings

Ski the Southern Hemisphere

Keep it simple and head to Portillo, Chile, where only week-long all-inclusive packages are offered and the terrain is good enough for the US Ski Team’s summer training.

Learn Your Knots

If someone asks you to tie up their boat, horse, or a rescue rope to a tree, you can luck into a solution.

Beach Hop Brazil

The northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia boasts 685 miles of coastline and is the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Climb Kilimanjaro and See the Big Five

There’s an urgency to climbing Kilimanjaro—the famous “tropical ice” that covers the 19,341-foot Tanzanian peak has melted to 15 percent of its 1912 size.