Gordy Megroz

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Gordy Megroz is an Outside correspondent and a former Outside editor. He splits his time between Vermont and Utah. Follow him on Twitter: @GordyMegroz.

Ski the Best Terrain in North America

Top-tier resorts keep adding more runs. Lesser-known gems somehow remain blissfully uncrowded. And the party off the slopes keeps getting bigger and better no matter where you go. Get ready for your...

Want to Ski Powder? Go Here.

Even during the deepest powder days, these five hidden gems somehow remain blissfully uncrowded. Need we say more?

Our 5 Favorite Après Hot Spots

These five party-loving towns all have great skiing. Best of all, the fun doesn't stop when the mountain closes.

The Fastest American on Two Wheels

Though O'Donnell has been competing in full Ironman triathlons for only three years, he's already one of the best in the country. The endurance pro talks training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes...

This Ski Film Glows in the Dark

It’s only ten minutes long, but Sweetgrass Productions’ Afterglow is arguably the most cinematically profound ski movie ever made.

The Rider Taking Over Cyclocross

The former road cyclist from Easthampton, Massachusetts is quickly taking over the European-imported sports craze, cyclocross. Here's what keeps him going up, down, over, around...

The Fittest Real Athletes in America

Serious careers? Check. Committed to their families? Check. Able to beat the pros at their own game? You know it. Five hard-charging desk jocks who manage to do it all share the secrets of their...

The Fat Shoe Revolution

Super-cushioned shoes are taking over. Take your pick of the latest designs.

The World's Newest Super Material

From ultrathin condoms to high-tech women's skis, the world's strongest and lightest material has almost limitless possibilities. But the real breakthroughs so far have come in the world of sports.

The Shadiest Man in the Racing Biz

Search the web for Dean Reinke and you’ll soon be scrolling though a rap sheet of consumer complaints about how he and his for-¬profit road-race company, USRA Half Marathon, do business. Is he a...

Superhero Performance In Super-G

At least 15 years ago, somebody told me about a ski-racing prodigy who could produce unbelievable angulation that allowed him to carve incredibly sharp and precise turns. They weren’t... Read More

A Speed Suit Built for Sochi

In early 2012, the U.S. Ski Team put a sensor on Bode Miller and sent him onto the downhill course in Sochi.

The Gear to Win Olympic Gold

Thousands of athletes will vie for Olympic gold next month at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. And while success in each sport ultimately comes down to each individual, it definitely helps to be...