Grant Davis

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Denver, Colorado-based Grant Davis covers automotive, travel, tech, money, endurance sports, and fitness topics for Outside and Entrepreneur magazines. He also authors the annual Bicycle Calendar (McMeel).

Sally Bergesen's Crusade to Change the Running Industry

In 2007, Seattle-based Oiselle was an up-and-coming women’s running apparel brand winning customers for its sophisticated looks and functional cuts. Now, it’s become a political campaign for change...

Pro Skier Julia Mancuso Has a Surfer’s Soul

Weeks before the start of the World Cup ski racing season, Julia Mancuso decided to go surfing. That’s not so unusual—Mancuso has long surfed during from her off-season base in Maui. This time,...

How to Harness the Spirit of Shackleton—Today

Kate Harris is an adventurer with a penchant for tiptoeing across national borders. She shares what it means to shape the world while you explore it–and how you can do it yourself.

Chefs' New Secret Sauce: Sports Drinks

Dehydration plays havoc with your taste buds, and that craving for salt post-exercise could find you mindlessly turning your stew into an unpalatable sodium bomb. The fix: down an entire bottle of an...

The Gear You Need to Achieve Your Bucket List

The second step to knocking off an item on your bucket list—after committing to the adventure in the first place—is one of the best parts of the entire pursuit: acquiring the gear to...

The Active Cities Guide to Chicago

The deep-dish pizza may get all the love, but there's plenty to keep you active in the windy city. Here's our guide to the best of it.

Active Cities: Austin

Austin’s location in the Hill Country has turned it into the outdoor sports capital of Texas.

Active Cities: Denver

As you’d expect from one of the fittest states in the nation, Colorado’s capital has everything you need to get—and stay—in shape for any adventure.