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Denver, Colorado-based Grant Davis covers automotive, travel, tech, money, endurance sports, and fitness topics for Outside and Entrepreneur magazines. He also authors the annual Bicycle Calendar (McMeel).

Rory Bosio Is Reinventing Running

Rory Bosio raced her first ultramarathon in 2007. Since then, the Truckee, California, resident has notched four top-five finishes in the Western States 100 and won The North Face's prestigious...

The Drink That Makes Every Chef Better

Dehydration plays havoc with your taste buds, and that craving for salt post-exercise could find you mindlessly turning your stew into an unpalatable sodium bomb. The fix: down an entire bottle of an...

Adventure Bucket List Essentials

The second step to knocking off an item on your bucket list—after committing to the adventure in the first place—is one of the best parts of the entire pursuit: acquiring the gear to...

Stop Having So Much Fun, Chicago!

The deep-dish pizza may get all the love, but there's plenty to keep you active in the windy city. Here's our guide to the best of it.

Getting Outside in the Mile High City

As you’d expect from one of the fittest states in the nation, Colorado’s capital has everything you need to get—and stay—in shape for any adventure.

Logging Emerald Miles in Seattle

Join Seattle’s active set for runs, rides, paddles, and more in one of North America’s most scenic cities.

Sweat and New York City

It's a concrete jungle, but sneaking in a workout is easier than you think. Here's an athlete's guide to the Big Apple.

Is CrossFit Killing Us?

The CrossFit backlash is in full swing—led by a long list of injured participants

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