Grayson Schaffer

The Life and Times of Tack Strau

Peter Kray’s new novella, The God of Skiing, has a lot to say. We’re not quite sure what it all means, but we sure did enjoy the ride.

Why Your Instagram Nature Shot Is Breaking the Law

This fall, an Instagrammer named Casey Nocket made news when she posted photos of permanent acrylic portraits that she'd painted on rock faces in national parks across the country. Nocket, who's now...

The Best Avalanche Airbags of 2015

It's time to add another must-have piece of safety gear for most backcountry travelers: an airbag. The giant inflatable balloons that deploy from backpacks have proven their worth time and again....

For Its Next Act, GoPro Takes Over the World

The little white drone zips low over the water through the back of a hundred-foot natural arch, jogs right, out of sight, and is gone. Andy Casagrande, a 36-year-old underwater cameraman best known...

The Most Promising Safety Tool Surfacing on the Slopes

The idea is simple: as an avalanche slides, big stuff stays on top and little stuff sifts to the bottom. Airbag-equipped backpacks are primarily designed to make the wearer larger, improving the...

Nik Wallenda's Biggest Stunt Yet

The greatest entertainer of our generation wants to defy death on wires strung 50 stories over the cold, windy streets of Chicago

A Necktie from the Top of the World

Everest has long been the world's biggest marketing tool. Now comes a company called Young & Brash, which is marketing $400 neckties that have stitched onto them a piece of an Eddie Bauer First...

Stop Taking Vertical Photos Already

The world of vertical photography, once dominated by hanging portraits, magazine covers, passport and school photos, and leather-bound albums, has come to an end. That's a good thing.

Flir One Infrared iPhone Camera

If you’re a fan of cop shows or military dramas, you’ve no doubt seen ghostlike pictures of bright white bad guys in the night that are produced by forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) cameras.

Thousands Flee Landslide in Nepal

In Nepal, more than 150 people are missing and a dozen are confirmed dead after a landslide near the village of Ramche buried roughly 180 homes and created an earthen dam across the Sunkoshi River.... Read More