Grayson Schaffer

Infrared Cameras, Coming to an iPhone Near You

If you’re a fan of cop shows or military dramas, you’ve no doubt seen ghostlike pictures of bright white bad guys in the night that are produced by forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) cameras.

Thousands Flee Landslide in Nepal

In Nepal, more than 150 people are missing and a dozen are confirmed dead after a landslide near the village of Ramche buried roughly 180 homes and created an earthen dam across the Sunkoshi River.... Read More

How to Save Our National Parks

National parks are America's greatest recreational asset. Now an overdue movement will make them even better.

What Killed Six Climbers on Mount Rainier?

The worst accident on Mt. Rainier in decades left six presumed dead and rescue efforts helpless. All we can do now is try to piece together what happened.

Everest 2014: That's (Pretty Much) All, Folks!

Everest Base Camp looked cinematic and miniature racing by beneath the helicopter. Yesterday, I flew into the tent city at 17,600 feet as Nepal’s minister of tourism, Bhim Acharya—draped with a nasal...

The Value of a Sherpa Life

The deadliest single day in the history of Everest claimed 16 Sherpas lives in an instant. And, yes, there is something that needs to be done about it.

Speeding Up Everest

California guide Adrian Ballinger makes his play to become Everest's top dog with a climbing model that's fast, light—and very expensive.

Steve Irwin's Final Words Revealed

On March 9 on Australian television, Justin Lyons, the cameraman for the late Aussie television host Steve Irwin, told the story of the stingray attack that killed the Animal Planet Star on... Read More

Tony Hawk Introduces "Real" Hoverboard

In what can only be described as an elaborate hoax, Tony Hawk, Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, and a crop of athletes and celebrities introduced the world to a real-life hoverboard.... Read More

They're Gonna Blow!

According to the website Preppers World USA, the supervolcano bubbling beneath Yellowstone National Park is showing imminent signs of annihilating everything within a 500-mile radius, covering most...