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Greg Melville is a travel writer and the author of the book Greasy Rider and Outside's Adventure Adviser column. Follow him on Twitter @gregmelville.

Deceptively Budget-Friendly Tahoe Lodges

There are plenty of inexpensive places to stay on Lake Tahoe—but in many of them, you'd be too afraid to get beneath the sheets. These four clean, inviting lodges are the exception. They manage to...

What are the Best Lobster Shacks on the Maine Coast?

It’s such a culinary contradiction: the great gourmet food of New England is usually served on paper plates and eaten at picnic tables by grownups wearing plastic bibs. Yet there’s no denying that the tastiest lobster served in Maine invariably comes from laid back hole-in-the-wall food shacks that line the state’s magnificent coast. These five are the standouts.

The Last of the Real Mountain Towns

The best real estate isn't always the most expensive. Some spectacular mountain destinations in the U.S. haven’t yet been overrun by the Gucci set and their mega mountain mansions.

Where Are the Best Places to Celebrate the Summer Solstice?

Besides vampires, maybe, who doesn’t feel like celebrating on the longest day of sunlight of the year? Anywhere that beer is sold and friends can be found in the Northern Hemisphere pretty much suffices as a party venue. However, if you want a once-in-a-lifetime summer solstice experience on June 21, these five destinations shine the brightest.

Where Are the Best Places to Celebrate Father’s Day, Minus the Kids?

There’s no better way to enjoy Father’s Day than to disavow parenthood for a couple of days by dumping the kids with the grandparents and escaping for a romantic weekend. The secluded getaways below are high on romance and adventure, but low on anything child-related—because kids aren’t allowed there. The big drawback is that most adults-only resorts and lodges are exclusive by nature (which means they’re not cheap). But, hey, Father’s Day means splurging a little, doesn’t it?

What Are the Best Fitness Retreats in America?

It used to be that people would go on vacation to relax, drink cocktails from coconut shells, and sit by the beach with a trashy paperback. But more and more now, people are shelling out big bucks to travel to posh resorts and get their butts kicked exercising every day.

How Do I Get a Rescue Dog Home from Overseas?

Ah, the age-old dilemma of falling in love with a stray dog and deciding to take it home when you're vacationing in some exotic place. No, airlines don't offer dog rescue discounts, but you do have a few options when it comes to transporting your pup across the ocean.

Should I Worry About Ebola if I’m Traveling to West Africa?

You should be vigilant about Ebola if you’re traveling to West Africa, just as you should take precautions with more common threats like crime, malaria, and crazy drivers. It’s all part of safe and healthy traveling. But don’t worry excessively about it.