Hannah Weinberger

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Hannah Weinberger (@Weinbergrrrrr) is an editorial assistant at Outside. Despite earning a degree in Mandarin Chinese from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('13), Hannah pursued an interest in science journalism after graduation. When not chasing down a lead, Hannah runs trails, plays guitar, and restrains herself from hugging carnivores. 


Louisiana Is Sinking Fast

An investigation by ProPublica and the Lens found that coastal Louisiana, which in the past 80 years has lost 2,000 miles of land to the Gulf of Mexico, stands to lose much more than wetlands and... Read More

R2R Permits Required at Grand Canyon

The National Park Service announced yesterday that noncommercial groups organizing rim-to-rim and extended day hikes and runs through Grand Canyon National Park's inner canyon will require interim... Read More

American Airlines Goes to War with Orbitz

American Airlines pulled its flight listings from Orbitz websites on Tuesday after fee negotiations came to an impasse. The airline will also remove its US Airways fares this coming Monday. North... Read More

"Mad Men" Producer Bikes to Emmys

Mad Men writer-producer Tom Smuts might not have won an Emmy last night, but he certainly won Best Emmy Commute. Wearing a helmet and cycling-ready suit designed by Rapha and straddling a silver... Read More

Trailer Released for New Warren Miller Film

Warren Miller Entertainment, arguably the most established ski and snowboarding filmmaking house in the world, has released the official trailer its new film, No Turning Back. According to its... Read More

Landing the Word's Longest MTB Backflip

Mountain biker Cam Zink claimed a Guinness World Record on Thursday evening after completing the longest bicycle backflip distance jump ever—a whopping 100 feet, 3 inches. After waiting for... Read More

Indian Tiger Killed by Rangers

Forest rangers in the Indian state of Maharashtra say they shot dead a tiger blamed for killing seven people since March. Three teams of officials organized on Tuesday evening to track the... Read More

Vandals Strike Steamboat Triathlon

Officials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, are searching for vandals believed to have targeted the Steamboat Triathlon after tacks blew out a group of cyclists' tires along the route Sunday... Read More

Solar Farm Ignites Birds Midflight

Federal wildlife investigators in California are trying to halt a planned solar installation that would be twice as large as Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the world's biggest solar... Read More

South Africa Begins Secret Rhino Evac

Illegal rhino killings in South Africa's northeastern Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa, have increased from 13 in 2007 to 1,004 in 2013. With 630 rhinos poached in... Read More

Why SeaWorld is Investing in Orca Health

Amid falling stock prices and public scorn for its treatment of orcas, SeaWorld announced plans to nearly double the size of its San Diego killer whale environment, put $10 million toward NOAA's... Read More

Goal Zero Gets Gobbled Up by Big Energy

One of the country's largest independent energy companies, NRG Energy, just bought Goal Zero, officials announced Thursday. The Fortune 250 company is entering the mobile solar business after... Read More