Hannah Weinberger

Author's Bio

Hannah Weinberger (@Weinbergrrrrr) is an editorial assistant at Outside. Despite earning a degree in Mandarin Chinese from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('13), Hannah pursued an interest in science journalism after graduation. When not chasing down a lead, Hannah runs trails, plays guitar, and restrains herself from hugging carnivores. 


Trees Are Urban Superheroes

The next time you read Outside in the shade of a leafy tree, recognize that you're in the presence of greatness. The USDA Forest Service recently discovered that trees are responsible for saving... Read More

PETA Wants to Pay Your Water Bill

Water resources in America are so screwed right now that some people will pay you to use less even in places that aren't in a drought. As of July 22, 34 percent of the country was officially in a... Read More

Go Pet Your Jealous Dog

Next time your dog gets rowdy when you start cuddling your friend's puppy, you'll know what's up. A research team from the University of California, San Diego discovered that Fang might experience... Read More

Iron Curtain Tourism Heats Up

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the European Union is turning the Iron Curtain into a 4,225-mile (6,800-kilometer) cycling trail to bolster bike tourism. The European... Read More

Why the U.S. Is Building Brazil an Aquarium

World Cup fervor has settled in the Brazilian state of Ceara, but an unconventional partnership between the state, the U.S. government, and American small businesses will produce the country's next... Read More

Do-Gooder Drones

Despite our best efforts to stunt it, abuse of nature persists. But drones—those flying bogeymen of Big Brother—could be rebranded as heroes as they gain extensive use in monitoring... Read More

How the TSA Makes Flying More Expensive

If your wallet feels a little lighter after paying for a slew of plane flights, don't blame the TSA agents who gave you pat-downs; their parent organization is responsible. The Transportation... Read More

James Bond Will Revolutionize Diving

Despite decades of scuba sessions and submersible trips, about 95 percent of the world's oceans are still waiting to be examined. A new technology called the Exosuit will have us swimming in... Read More

Shazam for Birds Is (Almost) Here

Birders and ornithologists, listen up. Using four large data sets of recorded bird calls, scientists at Queen Mary University in London have created a technology that matches real-life bird calls... Read More

Buy This Mountain, Become a Lord

Pedigreeless laymen are claiming land and kingdoms left and right, and if you too harbor royal dreams, a progressive British earl has a deal for you. For a paltry $3 million, you could help Hugh... Read More

Californians Don't Understand Drought

If the grass is always greener on the other side of your California street, don't worry—your neighbors have it coming. The Golden State approved its first drought-period emergency rule... Read More

Why Bostonians Won't Need Snow to Shred

You need snow to snowboard, right? Not necessarily. If all goes according to plan, Boston-based skiers and snowboarders will soon be able to practice their tricks year-round at a new indoor... Read More

Spartan Racing Has Arrived

Spartan racing has officially arrived. NBC Sports Ventures, the NBC Sports Group arm that acquires and develops athletic events for television, announced today that it has partnered with Reebok and... Read More

The Tour's an Open Race

Alberto Contador has dropped out of the Tour de France after sustaining a fractured tibia on this morning's mountainous stage 10. The Tinkoff-Saxo cyclist crashed in advance of the the Col du... Read More