Heidi Mills

Inside the Mind of an Ironman

Mark Allen, world-class triathlete, claims he isn't a freak of nature—it's not good genes that helped him demolish Ironman competitions, but a learned mentality.

You Shouldn't Hate CrossFit for Kids

Once just a spot for intense, adult-only sufferfests, CrossFit boxes are increasingly welcoming younger members. Across the country, a rapidly growing number of children and teens are spending their...

Yes, You Should Be Running to Work

Biking to work? Old news. Running to work may not get you there in the most presentable condition, but it'll sure spice up the morning grind.

How to Beat the Blerch

When The Oatmeal comic-strip author Matthew Inman first started running, he invented an invisible fat cherub called the Blerch. Years later, after he’d logged hundreds of miles and shed his extra...

Is Mass-Start Racing Dying?

A growing number of trail runners are finding a new way to test themselves, and it doesn’t involve race fees, bibs, or finish line chutes. Instead, they’re enlisting their own stopwatch, navigational...

From Drug Addict to Ironman

Shane Niemeyer started exercising in prison after hitting rock-bottom. We talked to him about his path to become a regular Ironman competitor who's now gunning for a spot at the World Championships...

Nuun Takes an Energy Shot

New high-profile brand ambassador, new CEO, new product—now, Nuun has its sights set on hydrating society.

Your Diet Is a Cult

Sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald’s new book, Diet Cults, comes out today. Fitzgerald, who is also the author of the popular books Iron Wars and Racing Weight, uses Diet Cults to argue against the...

Proper Fueling is No Joke

For Scott and other distance athletes, the pounds come on because they aren’t properly fueling their activities. The body then develops a defense mechanism against the perceived threat of starvation,...

Bring Home Your Own Bacon

A fitness and nutrition expert, Ben Greenfield takes his food seriously. The author, speaker, podcast producer, and coach has made a career of advising athletes on how to train, eat, and maintain...

A Fitness Center That Takes Your Breath Away

Athletes can take their workout to new heights at an altitude training room in the Bay Area.The recently opened Air Fit, run by fitness company Leisure Sports, is a 1,100-square-foot room equipped...

Babies Are the Next Big PED

This month, Liza Howard ran the Umstead 100-mile race in North Carolina in just over 15 hours, setting a new course record for women. She did it just six months after giving birth. And she stopped...

Did Nike Just Buy Running?

A lucrative long-term sponsorship deal between USA Track & Field and Nike has drawn both enthusiasm and criticism from athletes and the running community. But it might be just what the sport needs.

Rowing the Pacific Without Carbs

Can married duo Sami Inkinen and Meredith Loring row across the Pacific without sugar or carbs and stay together?

The Fight for Running's Future

An ongoing battle over the officiating procedures of USA Track and Field has raised questions about the organization's financial ties to sponsors and the role of outside watchdogs.