Ian Frazier

Tell Better Jokes

Proven strategies for getting laughs, plus some always winning punch lines

Outward Boundless

A few words on kick-starting a love of adventure

The Last Days of Stealhead Joe

The Deschutes River fly-fishing guide called Stealhead Joe was an angling master with a long list of devoted clients. But as Ian Frazier, who fished with Joe last fall, learned, off the water, Joe’s...

The Tale-Telling Days Are Over

Whatever happened to an outdoorsman’s sacred right to exaggerate? In the age of digitized adventure, the fish that got away is gone forever.

How to Leave a Motel Room

The act touches on mortality. It offers a small dose of the autobiographical sadness you feel after the moving van has gone and you take a last look around the place where you used to live. Travelers...

The Rambling Gene

Outside writer Ian Frazier discusses what makes some prone to wander.

The Longest Yarn

A new film chronicles the classic story of a daring prison break from a Soviet gulag. We dispatched our crankiest critic to weigh in on the somewhat true story.

Who's Your Daddy?

Pay attention, young adventurers—school's in session

Outfoxing the Fox

To catch a caveman like Osama bin Laden, who's at home in some of the earth's most remote mountains, what you really need is a great outdoorsman.

Yo, Frank!

In the unlikeliest of places, in the waters off JFK airport in New York, IAN FRAZIER lands a few big fish with Captain Frank, a guide who matches his passion striper for striper and knows why fishing...

Fishing with Jack

Why I love Jack, even if he does copy everything I do

A Kielbasa Too Far

Why do we get sick when traveling in out-of-the-way places? Join IAN FRAZIER, plus some liver flukes, dysentery, and cholera, on an enlightening journey that will make your stomach...

Crunch Time

When critters are getting eaten, I'll be there