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Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

The Beginner's Perfect Rock Climbing Quiver

Don't worry about buying the perfect setup for your first trip to the crag. You'll be best served by partnering with a mentor who can teach you about the gear that works best on your local wall.

How Can I Make My Ski Gear Last?

Ski gear is expensive, but it's also a long-term investment. I've found that the best stuff will last at least six seasons—if you take care of it properly. Here are eight tips to help you get the most out of your winter gear.

What Are the Coolest New Lifestyle Products?

Last summer, something exciting happened at Outdoor Retailer. While being lulled to sleep by the repetition of terms like “membranes” and “midsoles,” I heard a whisper about a new corner of the show where young brands had created their own unique scene.

What Are the Best Ski Socks?

Surprise! Good socks are one of the most important—and overlooked—elements of your ski setup.

What's the Best Gear for a Resort Powder Day?

Admit it: Most of us don't get more than one or two true powder days per season. So when there are 18 inches of fresh under the chair, you better be ready to maximize your turns.

What’s the Best New Winter Gear for $30 or Less?

Sure, the following list is heavy on alcohol-related products, but booze and being outside go hand in hand, right? So let’s embrace the party with these eight items, all for $30 or less.