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Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

Gear of the Show 2015: Dynafit Chugach Skis

We don't typically associate Dynafit with versatile big mountain skis. The Austrian company—makers of some of the best, lightest alpine touring bindings on the market—is better known for gear...

What's the Best Napping Gear?

Nap efficiently and you'll be happier and more efficient at the office. But oversleep and you'll feel groggier than when you went to bed. These six pieces will help you nap right.

What’s the Best Après Ski Party Gear?

Even though New Year's Eve is behind us, you can still use skiing as an excuse to crack open a cold one, either at the local bar or in the parking lot.

What Are the Best Last-Minute Gifts Under $30?

Low on cash and running out of time to buy a present for the outdoor lover in your life? Here are six gear gifts that will stoke out the pickiest winter athlete without leaving a dent in your fun fund.

What Gifts Should I Buy If Money Weren't an Issue?

If I came into a huge sum of money, I would do three things: donate to my favorite adaptive sports program, save for my future kid's education, and spend the rest on this amazing gear for my buddies.

What Is the Best Fill for a Sleeping Bag?

This is one of the most contentious subjects in the outdoor gear world. In general, a down bag packs smaller, weighs less, and is warmer than a synthetic one. But down is worthless if it gets wet, and it's increasingly expensive.

How Do I Dress Like a "Lumbersexual"?

While the Associated Press uses the term "Lumberjack chic," at Outside we prefer "lumbersexual," for someone who embraces the lumberjack aesthetic (plenty of plaid, flannel, and work boots) but who's never chopped down a tree in his life. Here are seven pieces of apparel that will help you make the jump from lumbersexual curious to a full on flannel hoarder.

The Tools You Need to Make Great Backcountry Coffee

I've been known to eat nothing but ramen noodles and trout to cut weight and save money while camping, but I never go without my coffee. From the welcome warmth on a cold morning to the calming...