Justin Nyberg

The Best Running Shoes of 2015

Whether you're looking to blast through snowy trails or set PRs on the pavement, we've got the right kicks for you.

A Crazy Fast, Bouncy Road Runner

Though the Swiss-engineered shoe sports a thin, almost minimalist mid-sole, the rubber pads compress on each impact, so it takes almost all the sting out of the road while still feeling fast and low...

Trail Running Shoes with True Grit

Minimalist? Check. Maximalist? Double check. Fast and light? Always. Trail-running shoes now come in a wider variety than ever. Here are the best off-road picks for every runner.

New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoes Gear of the Year

It’s been years since we picked a thickly padded road runner as our top shoe. But the 1260v3 demanded the recognition. Yes, it goes overboard on the comfort, with a pillowy tongue and heel collar and...

The 10 Golden Rules of Running

Alberto Salazar has almost given his life to the sport on multiple occasions—he was once read his last rites after crossing a finish line with a 108-degree fever—and he's lived to share a few pieces...

Best New Winter Running Gear

Don't quit running because of a little snow and ice and numbing temperatures and potential frostbite! At least, not when you have this season's best running gear to help you out. Take a look at...

Saucony Xodus 4

The Xodus 4 is great for Midfooters on steep terrain