Kate Siber

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Kate Siber (@katesiber) is a freelance writer (katesiber.com) and a correspondent for Outside. She lives in Durango, Colorado with her husband, a large dog, a small cat, and a preponderance of sporting equipment.

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Best Towns 2013: Greenville, South Carolina

In the past two decades, this Greenville landed big employers like GE, Michelin, and BMW and transformed itself into a small city that’s alive with parks, leafy streets, bike paths, and a thriving...

Best Towns 2013: Waitsfield, Vermont

People come to the Mad River Valley as much for what it lacks—traffic, noise, pretention—as for what it offers: the Green Mountains out the back door, the Class II–III Mad River, and the great local...

Summer Getaways: Charlemont, Massachusetts

Two and a half hours west of Boston, Charlemont’s 30-plus miles of singletrack in the Deerfield River Valley are new enough (they opened last summer) that few people know about them—yet.