Kelly Bastone

What Should I Do If I'm Too Sick to Fly?

Getting sick presents air travelers with a quandary: fly with a potentially contagious illness, or pay rebooking fees that can cost up to $200 plus the difference in airfare. What's the best course of action?

How Can I Earn More Frequent Flier Miles?

Most domestic airlines have quietly made a drastic change to their frequent flier programs, making miles harder to accrue. Here's a tip sheet that'll keep you racking up the points.

What Am I Entitled To When My Flight Goes Wrong?

As airlines pack more passengers than ever onto each plane, a single storm can reverberate through the system—leaving flyers stranded as agents scramble to find ever-rarer empty seats on later flights. But you aren't entirely at the mercy of the airlines.

The Beginner's Guide to the Perfect Winter Vacation

Navigating a ski town as a tourist can be stressful. This eight-part guide—which covers everything from booking a kickass instructor to renting the right gear to finding the best flights—will help.

Airstream Classic Travel Trailer

Some nomads don’t want a home on wheels—they want a palace. That’s what throngs of “Streamers” told Airstream, which responded by giving its 30-foot Classic trailer a luxury remodel for 2015.

Dude Ranches Enter a New Era

After decades of the same old trail ride/chuck wagon formula, dude ranches had grown as dusty as a cowboy’s chaps. But recent years have ushered in a new spirit: Across the West, guest...