Lauren Steele

Japanese Fleet Kills 30 Whales

Despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordering Japan to end its Antarctic whaling program, a Japanese whaling fleet killed 30 minke whales off the country's northeast coast, according to... Read More

New FDA Guidelines to Lower Sodium

As an athlete, your body needs more than the Recommended Dietary Allowance of 2,300 milligrams of sodium. For everyone else, things are getting a little more—or less—salty. "We are... Read More

BMW and GoPro Partner for In-Car Camera

Starting in July, new BMWs and Minis, or properly equipped later models, will have adventure-recording abilities, thanks to a new partnership between the automaker and GoPro. Owners wanting to... Read More

Hat Trick History for Alison Powers

Cyclist Alison Powers has been the shining star of this week's North Star Grand Prix. Not only is Powers leading the six-stage race, held in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, but she has also made... Read More

Baby Moose Checks in at Vail Ski Lodge

On Monday morning, after the GoPro Mountain Games crowd had cleared out of town, staff members at the Antlers at Vail ski lodge found a four-legged guest hunkered down in the lobby. The baby moose,... Read More

Puppy Love Potion Discovered

Who would you spritz if you had a vial of kindness or a flask of love? Researchers in Japan sprayed their dogs. During a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,... Read More

Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

Six months after Alisa Babler had to put her dog to sleep, she was on the lookout for a new companion. Her search ended with an ad on Craigslist. Four years later, her yellow lab Avalanche is wearing...

How Josiah Middaugh Dominates Multisport Races

Multisport athlete Josiah Middaugh kayaked, ran, mountain biked and road biked all the way to a combined-event time that led him to the pinnacle of Mountain Games titles—Ultimate Mountain Challenge...

Utah's Mountain Man in Court

UPDATE: James Knapp has been sentenced to 10.5 years behind bars in a federal prison. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart told Knapp that, "you are obviously a man... Read More

World Naked Bike Ride Set for June 7

On June 7, cyclists in 70 cities in 25 countries will require only three pieces of gear: a bike, a white front headlight, and a red rear reflector. That's it, at least for those participating in... Read More

Well THIS Man Is An Island

Nick Hancock is ready to rock. The Scottish adventurer and former Officer Training Corps cadet is headed to the Rockall islet, the most isolated rock in British waters, located 260 miles west of... Read More

Across the Emerald Isle in 3 Days

Over the Cliffs of Moher and through McGillicuddy's Reeks to the history books he goes. Adventurer and polar explorer Mike O'Shea is now the first person to paramotor from one end of Ireland to the... Read More

Google Glass Gets Designer Makeover

Astro Teller, captain of Google's research lab, thinks technology needs a makeover. He's enlisted the help of designer queen Diane von Furstenberg to give Google Glass a more user-friendly and chic... Read More