Lauren Steele

GoPro Stocks Open at $24 a Share

Action-camera maker GoPro entered the world of public companies Thursday, selling 17.8 million shares at $24 each under the symbol GPRO. Despite some doubts prior to the market opening, GoPro... Read More

Google Glass Releases New Fitness Apps

Want a personal trainer for the day? Want to be chased by zombies to shake up your running routine? Need to know where to look in the night sky to see Orion on your next camping trip? Google Glass... Read More

Best Mountain Bike Trail in the East

Last week, Duluth was voted Outside's Best Place to Live. This week, the Minnesota gem received another honor: According to, the town has the most scenic mountain bike trail in the... Read More

Bikes for Tykes in Paris

Parisians are teaching their children that "sharing is caring," but in their own chic way: on bikes. On June 18, P'tit Velib', an initiative sponsored by Paris's bike-share program Velib', became... Read More

Stonyfield Source Map

Increasingly, consumers don't just want to know what is in their food. They also want to know where it came from. Using an online interactive display, yogurt maker Stonyfield Organic has... Read More

Espresso in Space?

Everest climbers insist on bringing espresso up the mountain. Why should astronauts be any different? Problem is, pulling a quality shot of 'spro isn't that easy in zero gravity. Until now. Italian... Read More

Japanese Fleet Kills 30 Whales

Despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordering Japan to end its Antarctic whaling program, a Japanese whaling fleet killed 30 minke whales off the country's northeast coast, according to... Read More

New FDA Guidelines to Lower Sodium

As an athlete, your body needs more than the Recommended Dietary Allowance of 2,300 milligrams of sodium. For everyone else, things are getting a little more—or less—salty. "We are... Read More

BMW and GoPro Partner for In-Car Camera

Starting in July, new BMWs and Minis, or properly equipped later models, will have adventure-recording abilities, thanks to a new partnership between the automaker and GoPro. Owners wanting to... Read More

Hat Trick History for Alison Powers

Cyclist Alison Powers has been the shining star of this week's North Star Grand Prix. Not only is Powers leading the six-stage race, held in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, but she has also made... Read More

Baby Moose Checks in at Vail Ski Lodge

On Monday morning, after the GoPro Mountain Games crowd had cleared out of town, staff members at the Antlers at Vail ski lodge found a four-legged guest hunkered down in the lobby. The baby moose,... Read More

Puppy Love Potion Discovered

Who would you spritz if you had a vial of kindness or a flask of love? Researchers in Japan sprayed their dogs. During a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,... Read More

Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

Six months after Alisa Babler had to put her dog to sleep, she was on the lookout for a new companion. Her search ended with an ad on Craigslist. Four years later, her yellow lab Avalanche is wearing...