Mattie Schuler

The Nature-Proof Television

The company's HD televisions are designed to be rain-, dust-, insect-, and humidity-proof. They will also work in temperatures from 122 to negative 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

The World’s Smartest Grill

Whether you grill every night or secretly have no idea what to do when it comes to flipping burgers, Lynx's Smart Grill will help you impress at spring parties.

Blaze a (Safe) Route on the Road

Road biking is an inherently dangerous sport, and too often we hear about cyclists getting hit by cars. The Blazebike Laser Light aims to fix that problem.

A Revolutionary Snorkeling Mask

Getting ready for spring break? You might want to check out the Easybreath Snorkeling Mask, which could revolutionize your underwater experience.

The 10 Best Family Dogs

Dogs aren’t just accessories to your kids and spouse—they are as much a part of the family as any two-legged member. Whether you choose to rescue,...

The Ultimate Get-You-Anywhere Truck

Is it a truck or a snowcat? Whatever you call it, this is a backcountry lover’s biggest dream—a Ford F-150 with Mattracks instead of wheels.

Real-Life Dog Movies to Watch this Weekend

The best dog movies are based on a heroic dog's tales or some even star the actual heroic dog himself. Here's Outside's list of the top dog films—grab some popcorn, a bone, and get comfy.

A Bracelet to End Sunburn

The June bracelet is more than just a fashion statement. This new device and its app from Netatmo monitor sun intensity and your sun exposure in real time.

The Retro E-Bike for Real Men

Derringer, known for its gas-powered machines, is grabbing a bit more street cred with its new electric bikes.