Mattie Schuler

Erin Densham's Road to London

Two years after undergoing surgery to correct a debilitating heart condition, Australian triathlete Erin Densham is poised to qualify for the Olympic Games

Street Cleaning

Metros are shrinking their footprints with these five tactics.

The Caretaker

Soigneur Reed McCalvin of Team Trek Livestrong has one of pro cycling's most underrated job. That means he’s done everything from packing lunches to programming GPS’s to massaging riders at the...

How I Survived: The Joplin, Missouri, Tornado

OK, so that Rapture thing didn't happen—doesn't mean you aren't about to be carried off by a towering tsunami. Presenting Outside's comprehensive guide to surviving disasters both natural and...

Best Trail in Canyon Country

America's Best Trails 2011. Presenting our first-ever roundup of the greatest hiking, biking, paddling, fishing, drinking, and underground (yes, underground) trails in the country; the best trail in...