Megan Michelson

The New Rules of Skiing

Even if you’re a dedicated snow chaser, there are always new ways to make this ski season the best one yet. We did the footwork and learned the techniques, tips, and deals that are going to change...

Google's Crazy New Plan for Renewable Energy

Ten years ago, kiteboarding pioneer Don Montague hatched a plan to become the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe. His idea was to use a 65-foot catamaran, cabled to a large parafoil, that...

Powder. Guaranteed.

The best places to find deep powder ski conditions this winter

Tunnel Vision

What started as a glorious powder day ended in a desperate fight for survival after three skiers were buried by a killer avalanche in the backcountry of Stevens Pass, in Washington's Cascades. Megan...

How to Survive an All-Night Race

Pro mountain biker Nat Ross' tried and true methods for making those long, hard rides as painless as possible.

How to Compete in Costume

Because nothing takes the edge off like making a fool of yourself. The trick is an outfit that lets you finish with a time you can live with.