Mike Stewart

How to Keep Your Dog From Overheating

Some high-energy, athletic dogs, unable to sweat, will work to the point of self-injury, so make sure you're able to recognize the warning signs of exhaustion.

Finding the Perfect Sporting Companion

Looking for a dog that makes a great family member at home but is also able to help out on the hunt or when fly fishing? There are five main categories of sporting dogs to consider.

Teaching Your Dog to Heel

Six simple steps for getting your pup to heel without constant corrections or reminders.

Can I Get My Dog to Stop Chasing Cats?

My three-year-old mutt sure loves cats. Mabel’s dominant breed is black-and-tan coonhound mixed in with some Lab, Weimaraner, and who knows what else. She’s never met one up close but she chases them with enthusiasm that I would really get a kick out of were it not for the fact that she often chases them into traffic. It’s happened maybe five times in the two-and-a-half years I’ve had her.